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Weight Loss Surgery in Southern California could be the Start of a New You

While any surgery is a major life decision, the choice of having weight loss surgery is particularly life-changing, as it can be the start of a new life without the burden of obesity-related illnesses. While the staff at Beverly Hills Physicians realizes that you have many choices of surgeons to fulfill your weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve, Los Angeles based network BHP is eager to exceed your expectations with our surgical skill and patient counseling. Our staff is with our patients every step of the way, from the very first call they make to our weight loss center, through the consultations, the surgery itself, and well into the aftercare process.

Another important consideration when choosing where to have your surgery of lap band in Beverly Hills is whether your surgeon is board-certified and experienced. After all, you are placing your health in the hands of a person who has the power to make or break your success and put you on the right path to lasting health. That’s why at Beverly Hills Physicians, we only hire board-certified physicians who have impeccable track records of success. They are not only gifted surgeons, but very personable and eager to build rapport with any patient. In fact, we give patients the doctor’s personal, direct phone number so if there are any questions or problems that may arise; they are able to call their surgeon directly for answers.

If you have been suffering from excess body weight and exercise and diet haven’t proven to be successful in the long run, consider coming to Beverly Hills Phyasicians. We offer FREE patient consultations and insurance verification, and we are eager to get to know you and your story!

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