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Weight Loss Surgery Gives Obese Individuals Longer, Healthier Lives, New Study Reports

For many years, doctors have known that obesity can be detrimental to a patient’s health, making them more likely to suffer from a variety of dangerous conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure. It then follows that obese patients who lose a significant amount of weight can lower their risk of these diseases, and achieve a cleaner bill of health. Weight loss surgery from skilled bariatric surgeons like our leading physicians at Beverly Hills Physicians is a proven method to help patients lose weight and gain many more years of healthy living. However, until recently, doctors were unaware of exactly how much weight loss surgery can help patients in the long run.

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, patients who undergo weight loss surgery have a 5 to 14 year mortality rate that is 53 percent lower than a typical obese patient who does not undergo a bariatric procedure. This statistic accounts for deaths of any kind, proving that weight loss surgery can lengthen patient lives across the board and help stave off a variety of dangerous conditions.

This study was also revealing in that it studied a patient group not often examined by weight loss surgery researchers: older men. While the majority of previous weight loss surgery data is collected on younger women who undergo the procedure, this study pulled data from patients of Veterans Affairs bariatric centers, so the average patients were men over the age of 50. This study proved that bariatric surgery can still produce outstanding health outcomes even in older patients, and that age should not be a barrier to weight loss surgery in most cases.

Although the benefits of bariatric surgery, further solidified by this study, are known to be significant, a patient’s choice of a bariatric surgeon is still extremely important to ensure that results are as beneficial as possible. Our skilled BHP surgeons are highly-trained in performing minimally-invasive weight loss surgery that has been proven time and time again to have benefits that far outweigh any risks. While some bariatric surgeons tend to influence their patients into obtaining whatever their preferred procedure may be, our surgeons understand that every patient is different. They examine the unique needs of each patient to make sure that the treatment they decide to undergo puts them on the best possible path to a healthy future.

If you or someone you love is suffering from obesity and the many detrimental health conditions that come along with being extremely overweight, weight loss surgery here at Beverly Hills Physicians may be right for you. The large majority of severely obese patients, young and old, can benefit from weight loss surgery and add years to their life.

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