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Weight Loss Surgery from Beverly Hills Physicians can Improve Health

In Southern California, there is no better option for beauty, health and wellness solutions than Beverly Hills Physicians. Though we specialize in a variety of plastic surgery and medical treatments, in recent years, more people than ever have come to trust our medical team to provide them with truly life-changing weight loss surgery. Treatments like the always popular lap band and the wildly effective gastric sleeve surgery are helping patients from across the state and around the globe to achieve their health goals while remaining energized and comfortable.

Among weight loss treatments, sleeve gastrectomy has garnered a great deal of attention in recent years because it is both less invasive than other procedures and among the most effective. When performing a gastric sleeve – or sleeve gastrectomy – our surgeons will remove roughly 85% of the stomach, leaving the remainder in a sleeve-like shape. In a sleeve gastrectomy, the patient doesn’t only experience rapid, safe and sustainable weight loss, but since the stomach is so much smaller, they feel fuller much more quickly, with ensures comfort a feeling of satisfaction during the weight loss period.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, patients are accustomed to receiving unsurpassed medical expertise and commitment to patient education and care from our expert medical staff and consultants. We understand that the decision to undergo weight loss treatment is never made lightly, often requiring a great deal of sensitivity. That’s why many of our patients are comforted to learn that we can perform a lap band revision to gastric sleeve or other revision treatment for those who are dissatisfied with a prior weight loss surgery experience.

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