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Weight Loss Surgery Can Save You Money in the Long Run

People who are considering a weight loss surgery often have major concerns about the cost. We here at Beverly Hills Physicians believe that this is completely normal; after all, not many families have tens of thousands of dollars lying around. Nonetheless, new studies are emerging that show that a weight loss surgery saves money in the long run.

One study discusses how medical bills get more expensive the higher a person’s BMI is. It showed that medical bills for the morbidly obese (with a BMI over 45) average about $4800 a year, which is over twice that for individuals with a BMI of 19. This includes costs of doctors’ visits and prescriptions. Reducing BMI through a lap band or other weight loss surgery with BHP, then, helps people save in medical costs throughout their lifetime (in addition to unquantifiable benefits to quality of life and mental health).

BHP understands that financial savings aren’t the most important reasons for going through with a gastric sleeve or lap band, but it can certainly ease the fears of those who are concerned with the surgery’s cost. Of course, where you go for a weight loss procedure matters and the BHP difference applies to financing, as well. Our friendly support staff will assist with all insurance paperwork and will create a reasonable financing plan. This way, nobody who is morbidly obese and qualifies for the surgery has to wait.

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