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Weight Loss Surgery Can Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

Beverly Hills Physicians provides the complete care you need to become the new you that you’ve been dreaming of in the new year

If you are obese, you’ve probably made your share of resolutions about losing weight, only to find yourself the following year in pretty much the same boat as the year before. Fortunately, weight loss surgery through Beverly Hills Physicians can do something no resolution can: it can actually put significant weight loss within reach. The most common and effective procedures at Beverly Hills Physicians are:

Lap band surgery, a fully reversible and adjustable procedure which restricts the capacity of the stomach to hold food and reduces the appetite.

Gastric sleeve surgery, an operation that removes a large portion of the stomach and is gaining momentum in the bariatric community because of its reliably outstanding results.

Whichever procedure patients choose, they can depend on the highly respected board certified surgeons and medical support team at Beverly Hills Physicians for the finest weight loss care available. It’s true that where you go for bariatric surgery makes a tremendous difference. Primarily, Beverly Hills Physicians works with leading specialists who have earned their medical stripes helping countless individuals achieve long-lasting and significant weight loss.

Nonetheless, the BHP difference goes well beyond the day of your surgery. The medical group’s doctors monitor patients’ progress to ensure that they are able to make the long-term lifestyle changes necessary to assure permanent and healthy weight loss. To support these results, BHP provides weight loss patients with access to outstanding nutritional support and psychological counseling. Finally, patients who are interested in plastic surgery to remove skin folds, stubborn fat deposits, and other issues that may follow a substantial weight loss can take advantage of the services of some of Southern California’s most accomplished plastic surgeons.

The BHP team understands the difficulty of losing large amounts of weight without the help of a bariatric procedure. Once a significantly overweight person begins to lose weight, the nervous system tends to go into starvation mode, sending messages to the brain that feel exactly like hunger. Moreover, obesity is not like tobacco smoking; food is a necessity, so an obese person cannot simply stop eating entirely the way a smoker can throw away his last cigarette. The only way to keep off large amounts of weight over the long term is for an individual to fundamentally alter their relationship with food, while also consuming a healthy and balanced diet.

Today’s less invasive weight loss surgery, as administered by the first-rate medical team at Beverly Hills Physicians, helps people from all walks of life to change their approach to eating once and for all. Best of all, anybody who physically qualifies and wants bariatric surgery can have access to it. BHP’s counselors are able to construct payment plans that make weight loss surgery available to people on a budget when their health insurance doesn’t cover bariatric procedures.

For further information about weight loss procedures performed by the respected medical doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians and a free initial consultation, please visit BHP’s website at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com or call them at 800-788-1416. The phone call you make might be the most important of your life.

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