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Weight Loss Surgery Can Add Years to Your Life

Weight Loss Surgery Can Add Years to Your Life

Many people have the improper assumption that weight loss patients are getting their surgery because they simply want to slim down so they can get into good cosmetic shape. Yet, while weight loss surgery does have the added benefit of making patients feel more confident, it is a medical procedure that is meant to quite literally save lives. Doctors estimate that obesity is the second leading preventable cause of death behind smoking, and weight loss surgery is one of the best ways to help obese patients get down to a healthy weight. Various studies have shown that the 10 year mortality rate is greatly reduced when an obese person elects weight loss surgery.

Amongst the popular weight loss surgical options, the fastest growing procedure is the gastric sleeve surgery. The sleeve gastrectomy is an outstanding option because it is proven to help patients lose weight faster than if they were to elect a Lap Band procedure, while boasting less complications than patients who have the gastric bypass procedure.

Another popular option that is growing in popularity is Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve for patients who are not satisfied with their Lap Band results. If patients are not able to adopt the lifestyle required to lose weight with the Lap Band, or if their band was placed poorly by an inferior surgeon, patients go to Beverly Hills Physicians to get the right surgery from the right surgeons. In addition, our team is also comprised of some of the best dieticians who know how to guide patients through their changing relationship with food in the months and years after surgery.

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