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Weight Loss Isn’t a Gender Issue, It’s a Health Issue

In a country where more than 78.6 million Americans (34.9% of the adult population), are obese, it only stands to reason that pound shedding is going to be a common aspiration among both men and women. Nevertheless, many believe that weight loss is primarily a female fixation. Though cultural stereotypes say that women are far more concerned with their weight than men, the truth is the percentage of overweight men who engage in weight control practices is now nearly even with women. More importantly, the negative health effects of obesity and severe obesity pose the same dangers to both sexes. To help protect the health of individuals suffering from severe obesity, bariatric surgeons like our superb team at Beverly Hills Physicians are providing a safe, effective, and proven tool for sustained weight loss through bariatric surgery for male and female patients alike.

The medical consensus in the United States has long been that obesity is a major public health issue at epidemic levels. The debilitating, and often life threatening, conditions associated with it make obesity the single greatest cause of preventable death and illness in the entire country, according to the CDC. Heart failure, stroke, diabetes, and cancer are just a few of the serious conditions that are linked to severe obesity. Although men are more likely to suffer from issues like stroke and heart attack in the general population, severely obese men and women experience a much higher rate developing these health problems, and are nearly even. In addition, throughout the nation, the CDC found 34% of men to be obese compared to 36% of women, a nearly negligible difference.

Of course, the real problem is what can be done to fight obesity. Due to the scores of pounds someone suffering from severe obesity needs to lose to reach a healthy weight, diet and exercise normally fail to provide satisfactory results on their own. Bariatric surgery, on the other hand, is proven to consistently be successful in making it easier for both men and women to make the lifestyle changes that are required for significant, long-term loss. Our world class surgeons at BHP are highly skilled and experienced with providing quality bariatric options for men as well as women.

Moreover, these surgeons understand that, while weight loss surgery is effective for both genders, men have their own unique concerns which may set them apart from women in some cases. We are committed to ensuring that patients of both genders are as comfortable as possible at all times, and both men and women patients report a high level of satisfaction as a result.

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