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Weight Loss in 2022

Happy New Year! Seriously!

weightlossWe all know the last couple of years have not been like the others and it seems as if almost everyone has gained weight thanks to many facets of our ongoing pandemic reality — such as the fact that so many of us are still working from home. It has its pluses for sure, but many of us were already in need of more exercise and now we’re not even walking from the parking lot to the office! Busy delivery people are getting more exercise than ever but those getting the deliveries have become just that much more sedentary; we don’t even have to walk out to the car to get the junk food we shouldn’t be eating in the first place! At least the gyms have reopened – though, for very understandable reasons, not all of us are comfortable going inside one.

And now the holidays have just wrapped up. If you’re afraid of the scale right now, you’ve got millions of people for company!

Time for a Change

Early 2022 is as good a time as any to recommit yourself to your health and happiness by targeting your weight issues. For some, that just means including more exercise in our lives and eating in a more sensible matter – but that’s not enough for many of us.

If you’re dealing with severe obesity, you may be contemplating a gastric sleeve or other bariatric surgery. Beverly Hills Physicians can help. For those with less severe weight issues, gastric balloons are helping more and more people a jumpstart on their efforts towards a more slender year. 

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