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Uncommon Plastic Surgery Procedures

A recent article published on E Online details various plastic surgery procedures that most people are unfamiliar with. The article goes on to state that individuals are now more comfortable seeking to undergo not only the better known procedures, but also many of these less common operations such as calf and cheek reduction.

It seems to us at BHP that the increase in uncommon plastic surgery procedures strongly emphasizes the normalization of plastic surgery in modern society. As plastic surgery is becoming more standard, it is increasingly important to continue to offer patients surgical procedures that are cutting-edge and comprehensive, but also extremely safe and highly effective. Today, patients can benefit from the variety of services, including:

Tummy Tuck – Loose folds of skin are often left over after patients experience a significant weight loss, such as following a pregnancy or a successful weight loss procedure. When this is the case, an expertly performed tummy tuck can help by removing unsightly, and often uncomfortable, skin folds, as well as excess fatty tissue.

Rhinoplasty – Facial plastic surgery procedures require a keen eye and a supremely high level of precision. Indeed, our BHP medical team routinely performs quite delicate rhinoplasties with great care and attention on a routine basis. This level of care is important in not only producing the ideal visual results for the patient but is vital considering that these procedures directly impact the ear, nose, and throat. Indeed, our patients often obtain rhinoplasties for health as well as cosmetic reasons.

bhp-blogBreast Augmentation – Although breast augmentation procedures are very well known and commonly sought after by women, many are unaware of the different types of implants available for them to choose from. At BHP, we offer our patients silicone, liquid filled saline, and gel (gummy bear) implants, ensuring that every procedure, no matter how routine, is carefully customized to fit the needs of the individual patient.

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