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Tummy Tuck: When Exercise Alone Won’t Do the Trick


How much exercise an individual needs varies and, very often, it’s never enough to make a difference in the particular area of the body that happens to be most important to that person. We hear this complaint frequently when conversing with patients about procedures such as a tummy tuck. As with other cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, the tummy tuck is pursued by our patients for a variety of reasons and not all of them are related to looking like a magazine cover model. The end goals for our patients seeking belly-focused cosmetic surgery can be surprising.

Getting rid of excess fat may be a primary factor for certain types of cosmetic surgical procedures but not necessarily for the tummy tuck. Dissatisfaction with the shape of their abdomen, pesky patches of flab in certain areas, excess skin, and an embarrassing stomach shape each have all often been cited as reasons for the tummy tuck by our patients. Sometimes they pursue the tummy tuck even after a prolonged period of rigorous exercise, or following months or years of cardiovascular activity all with the singular goal of making their bodies look better. How your abdomen looks, we like to point out, is not always directly related to exercise. Aging, and, particularly, child bearing for women, can almost permanently change the shape or contours of your belly section.

Tummy tuck surgery, known more officially as abdominoplasty, flattens the abdomen by eliminating excess or loose fat and skin, and tightening muscles inside the wall of the abdomen. It is sought for a number of reasons, including:

  • The shape of a your abdomen was changed by pregnancy.
  • Your belly area was stretched out or otherwise altered by massive or very sudden weight loss, including a successful weight loss procedure.
  • You are dissatisfied with how your abdomen protrudes, in whichever direction.
  • No improvements were realized to areas of excess skin, flab patches, or stretch marks even after a significant exercise program and/or carefully planned diet.
  • Your stomach contour is just in your ideal shape and is negatively affecting your self-confidence or self-esteem.

We emphasize that every person benefits from improving their diet and exercising regularly. The point is, more often than many people may realize, some individuals have sustained weakness in their overall abdominal structure, such as from multiple pregnancies or carrying excessive weight over many years, and diet and exercise alone won’t return a body to where it was before, or at least to an acceptable level. The bottom line is that unavoidable occurrences such as aging, or life experiences a woman might go through such as having a child, alone can make it difficult to slim a belly naturally.

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