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Transform Your Body and Your Health with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Perhaps you’ve made the decision that watching shirtless beachgoers is not your idea of a good time, when you are faced with back rolls or thighs that painfully rub together. If you’re covering yourself up while others enjoy the Southern California beaches, why not consider finally taking action to treat your obesity? Weight loss surgery is one highly effective method to permanently shed pounds, and is championed by the team of board-certified bariatric surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians.

Regularly performing procedures such as gastric sleeve, our team of doctors recognizes that the desire to lose weight is not strictly from a cosmetic point of view. After all, being obese is much more a health risk to die young rather than just wanting to look good, although it’s understandable a patient may feel sick of being heavy. Low self-esteem, after all, can lead to poor relationships and depression, but Beverly Hills Physicians can get your out of this seemingly endless plateau of your life. We have helped countless patients with lap band, gastric sleep and even the increasingly important lap band revision to gastric sleeve surgery, to get their lives back on track and actually live life once again.

If the idea of being severely overweight for yet another day bothers you, perhaps it’s time you took action to address the problem. We look forward to helping you find your inner beauty and satisfaction, and helping you get healthy once and for all, at BHP — one of the best, largest health and beauty networks in Southern California. Call today!

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