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Transcending the Myths of Weight Loss Surgery

For many, the idea of weight loss surgery comes coupled with a host of preconceived notions, assumptions, and expectations. Unfortunately, many of these ideas and opinions are based on common misconceptions. Some believe that weight loss surgery is only popular among celebrities and the hyper wealthy, or that diet and exercise is always the best option to get thin. The truth is that weight loss procedures like the gastric sleeve operation are very common and popular among many economic groups. Furthermore, diet and exercise often prove ineffective for some, and weight loss surgery is often the best option.

At Beverley Hills Physicians our patients range from CEOs, to soccer moms, and working women. We work hard to ensure our top-tier service remains accessible to anyone, and our financial office creates individually based payment plans to work around any budget. Also, most of our weight loss procedures, such as our lap band revision to gastric sleeve operation, are covered by insurance companies making the decision to seek our excellent care even easier.

Weight loss surgery is also proven to be safe and effective. At Beverly Hills Physicians, patients undergo rapid recovery times to ensure minimal impact up on their regular routines. Our medical team continues to work closely with our patients after surgery to ensure positive and ongoing results. At BHP, patients experience the peace of mind of knowing that they are benefiting from one of the finest networks of physicians in the greater Los Angeles area.

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