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There’s a Reason They’re Called “Private Parts”

There’s a Reason They’re Called “Private Parts”

For both women and men, genitalia are the seat of a hugely complex set of feelings and emotions. Both genders may be uncomfortable discussing and dealing with their own sexual organs when issues arise, but with women the level of embarrassment and discomfort in addressing matters may be even greater. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we know that so-called private parts are called that for a reason. Whether women approach us for help with such gynecological matters as endometriosis or are interested in a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, we treat the matter with the sensitivity, compassion, and medical excellence patients deserve and expect.

Whether you are dealing with a strictly medical matter, are addressing an aesthetic concern, or are interested in maximizing your enjoyment of life’s most intimate moments, where you go for treatment matters a great deal. At BHP, we understand that there are many reasons a woman may pursue such treatments as a labial reduction. Yes, many women may have aesthetic issues with large labia, and if they are bothered by that, there is no reason they should not be able to make adjustments. At the same time, labia can also causes very real discomfort or can make wearing certain articles of clothing required for some sports to be impractical.

At BHP, we believe women should always be in charge of their own body, and we are here to listen to you and provide the sensitive, careful, and medically sound support you need to make the most of your all aspects of your life. If you are interested in a vaginal treatment of any sort, including G-spot magnification, we are here to help you deal with these very private matters in a way that suits your individual needs.

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