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There’s No Substitute for Expert Weight Loss Surgeons

Though moderately chilly temperatures can benefit weight loss, those suffering from obesity often require the assistance of the medical professionals at Beverly Hills Physicians

Every day, new data is discovered regarding the causes of weight gain and obesity – and how to combat these issues. However, for those who seek life-changing weight loss surgery, Beverly Hills Physicians continues to provide the most effective treatment. With the wildly popular lap band, Inland Empire, Oxnard and Lancaster residents alike can enjoy the benefits of safe, effective weight loss, without the pangs of hunger and lack of energy that come from dieting. Meanwhile BHP surgeons regularly perform gastric sleeve surgery for those seeking a permanent procedure.

In 2013, the adult obesity rate continued to climb, from 26.2% in 2012 to 27.2%. With such alarming trends, it should come as no surprise that medical experts and scientists continue to search for causes of weight gain. In fact, an article published in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism found that the temperature of a room can affect an individual’s ability to regulate body temperature, generate heat and burn fat.

One particular research group in Japan discovered that after people spent two hours per day in a 62.6 degree F climate, they experienced a decrease in body fat after six weeks. Further still, the research illustrated that people adapt to colder temperatures over time, with one group of 17 subjects living in climate controlled chambers reduced to 59 F for 6 hours a day seeing an increase in ‘healthy’ brown fat. Since it uses energy from food to produce heat, brown fat is considered to be healthy. The researchers maintain that mildly cold temperatures encourage the body to use non-shivering thermogenesis – the process in which brown fat is burned to heat the body.

In the winter months, when people are frequently exposed to relatively high indoor temperatures, the risk of developing obesity increases, making the work of expert weight loss specialists at BHP more essential than ever. While minor changes like reduced room temperature and increased exercise can certainly help shed pounds, these methods all-too-often prove too slow for those whom excess weight or obesity is severely impacting health and the quality of life. For these people, the effective, efficient bariatric treatments performed by warm, empathetic BHP surgeons can be the perfect weight-loss solution.

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