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The Ways Patients Save for Plastic Surgery

According to an article published August 13 on The Street, patients seeking out plastic surgery are becoming increasingly willing to save money and put off other large purchases such as vacations or weddings to pay for their procedures. The article, which discussed data aggregated from cosmetic procedure review and discussion website RealSelf.com, showed that 44 percent of all patients surveyed “delayed at least one big purchase or life event, in order to have money for altering their appearance.” This idea of saving up for a plastic surgery procedure is nothing new. In fact, many of our clients’ questions often pertain to the affordability and financing of procedures and we at BHP have taken conscious steps toward helping patients afford the procedures that they are seeking out:

  • Consultants – Our team of consultants is dedicated to working with any patients who may have concerns about the cost of a procedure. With the help of our financing partner, CareCredit, many patients have been able to work out a payment plan that works within their budget to get them the procedure that they desire without breaking the bank. While the fact remains that many patients are inclined to believe that they cannot afford a procedure, we are happy to say that there have been countless patients just like them who have been able to achieve their surgery goals with the guidance of a BHP consultant.
  • Promotions – In addition to benefiting from the year-long work of the consultants, patients can also benefit from our seasonal promotions that make certain procedures available to any patients at a discounted rate.

We believe that costs should not hold patients back from reaching their goals, but we are realistic about the costs of many procedures, and therefore work to make procedures available to patients on a budget. Any patients curious about the cost of a specific procedure, or those who want more information about financing options with Beverly Hills Physicians, can call us today at 800-788-1416.


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