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The Trend Toward More Male Plastic Surgery continues.

A recent article in Urology Times is the latest of many to discuss how cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery for men is becoming more popular for several reasons, including changing social mores, new fashion trends, and improvements in procedures. The report says that the most common types of aesthetic options for men tend to focus on the hair and jaw line, reducing wrinkles or bags under eyes, and improving their physiques via liposuction for men or breast reduction to deal with oversized male breasts (gynecomastia). It adds that, in the future, men may be receiving more cosmetic procedures than would seem likely today. We think the article accurately reflects today’s reality.

The increase in the number of men deciding to improve their image and self-confidence through procedures indicates that the negative social stigma associated with beauty procedures is decreasing every year. Men can often be embarrassed if their bodies don’t fit social standards; appearing too feminine, having stubborn belly fat, or displaying signs of advanced aging can sting for men just as appearance issues in women are often a very sensitive subject. While altering one’s look surgically used to be frowned upon in males even more than females, attitudes have since shifted for both genders. It’s now their appearance that’s embarrassing some men, not obtaining procedures to improve it.

The Trend Toward More Male Plastic Surgery continues

A few people out there still assume that plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures are only for the rich and famous, but that’s far from the case. Nowadays, men of all ages and professions view cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery as just another way to improve their looks; Beverly Hills Physicians patients can range from lawyers and college professors to construction workers.

Both women and men want to look good at every age, and when a person looks good they also feel more confident. In a society that is obsessed with looking young and healthy, loose or sagging skin gives off the appearance of being out of shape, when the actual situation could be very different. BHP understands the frustration people might feel when they work hard to lose weight, only to be left with pockets of fat or loose skin that prevents them from looking as fit as they truly are. With more people these days choosing an active lifestyle to lose excess weight, a tummy tuck, often paired with liposuction, allows them to fully show off the fruits of their hard work and gain self-confidence.

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