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The Rise of the Rear: How the Bootie Became the Height of Beauty

Over the past several decades, women have increasingly valued large and curvy posteriors. Fortunately for those looking to enhanced their own rear-end appeal, our renowned beauty experts are well aware of the trend, and we offer a range of world class services to help women achieve the curves they’re looking for.

From Sir Mix A Lot’s 1992 “Baby Got Back” to Miley Cyrus’s infamous 2013 VMA act, attention to the sexual appeal of a well-formed and curvaceous butt has exploded in popular culture over the years. The idea of what’s beautiful is constantly evolving. Similarly to how people’s notions change about what makes certain clothing items fashionable, so too do their ideas about what features form a desirable body type. However, the popularity of a round bottom for the past several decades illustrates how some features of feminine beauty are simply timeless.

Though having long since been viewed as attractive physical attributes, female superstars like Jennifer Lopez brought pop culture a style of beauty and sex appeal to the forefront of public attention that was rich in curves, and well-endowed from behind. After years of dominance in the music industry, other stars with similar body types began to follow like Beyoncé and, now, Nicki Minaj, which has ultimately lead to a rise in buttocks enhancement services like the fine treatments offered by our health, beauty and wellness team.

This shifting idea of beauty within body image is largely considered to be a positive development. Women who may have been embarrassed or ashamed of having a larger buttocks ten years ago are now able to feel a sense of empowerment and pride in their image. This new popular attitude appears to have now evolved beyond black and minority cultures to the broader American female population. Because many women who desire this figure can’t achieve it naturally, plastic surgery has become a popular option. Our famous procedures include comprehensive buttock enhancement packages that are designed to shape and sculpt the ideal form desired by every patient.

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