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The Rise in Male Cosmetic Procedures Reveals the Desirability of Looking Younger in the Workplace

Men aged 40 to 70 are turning to non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox and facial rejuvenation like never before says a recent Fox News article. Often driven by the desire to give off a youthful energy and remain competitive in the workplace, the men referred to in the piece are seeking out ways to take years off of their appearance with procedures that are both safe and effective. A large number of the men seeking out a younger look often choose a facelift procedure as well. Both non-surgical procedures and facelifts are popular among our male patients here at BHP, and both have numerous advantages when it comes to looking younger:

  • Non-Surgical Options – the main draw of non-surgical techniques is that they are generally less invasive and less expensive. When performed by a skilled physician, Botox injections are safe, effective, and do not involve any incisions. BHP also notes that, although every patient is different and may require a different number of Botox units depending on their particular wants and needs, the average patient pays only around $300 for Botox treatments.
  • Facelift – As one of the most common procedures of all types for those who want to fight some of the most prominent signs of aging, a facelift is a proven option for those wanting a more long term solution. While BHP notes that some of the patients like the fact that Botox generally wears off after around six months because it allows them to try out different amounts, others like the permanence of the facelift. By removing some excess skin and rejuvenating the facial muscles, the facelift is a great way for men and women to get and keep a younger look for years to come.

No matter what is motivating a patient, male or female, to seek out a younger look, there are a variety of procedures catering to the different needs and preferences of each particular patient.


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