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The Quest for Rihanna’s Nose

A recent StyleCaster argues that there is an ongoing trend among rhinoplasty patients of asking for noses that look like the beautifully proportioned facial appendage sported by reigning pop/R&B goddess Rihanna. The article adds that the Rihanna trend follows a recent vogue one for women making similar requests regarding US actress-turned-UK royal Meghan Markle.  The article goes on to warn that noses need to fit the rest of a patient’s face. That’s quite true, as far as it goes. It’s important to realized, however, that the delicate task of determining just what shape a nose should be to best flatter a patient’s overall appearance requires a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

A rhinoplasty (aka nose job) should never be a “cookie-cutter” sort of procedure. Noses that might look perfect on one person would very often look odd or out of place on someone else. It takes a skilled and sensitive plastic surgeon to listen to patients’ needs and hopes, and then translate that into a procedure that make a patient look like the best possible version of herself – not an awkward replica of someone else. Moreover, countless studies have shown that, the clearer and more realistic the idea patients have about the likely outcome of a procedure, the happier with they are likely to be with their procedure.

All of our BHP plastic surgeons are highly respected members of the medical profession with a strong aesthetic sense and an ability to communicate clearly with patients so they understand what‘s realistic to expect in their particular case. In some cases, it may very well be possible to accommodate a patient’s interest in having a nose or another feature that may be similar to a particular celebrity, but whether or not it is practical will depend on a host of variables. The fact of the matter is that no two noses are exactly alike, and the same applies to the faces they are on.  The ultimate goal is to craft a nose that will flatter a patient. So, if a nose that’s similar to Rihanna’s really would improve a patient’s appearance and would not present a physical problem, then there’s no reason to ignore the inspiration. 

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