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The Proven Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

The health risks associated with obesity are well known, and, for most people, being overweight is certainly not their preference. For many, action is prevented by apathy which can develop due to feeling there are no options available to improve their situation. It can also be difficult to see the benefits of losing weight, particularly if one has been overweight for long periods of time. At Beverley Hills Physicians, we have the right tools and methods at our disposal, utilized by the most highly trained professionals, to help our patients shed pounds and receive the amazing benefits from weight loss.

Losing weight will not only significantly decrease the risk of serious conditions like heart attack and stroke, but will yield other positive results that are more subtle. Patients who undergo weight loss surgery report feeling a large boost in their feelings of contentment and self-esteem. These positive feelings often lead to greater success in the work place, and even in romantic endeavors which is most likely due to an increase of confidence. Our surgeries, such as our gastric sleeve procedure, provide patients with immediate results that inspire them, and contribute toward a renewed sense of self satisfaction and accomplishment.

A confident and self-assured you is a better you. With Beverley Hills Physicians on your side, you’ll notice improvements to both your mind and body. If you’ve already attempted weight loss surgery and were disappointed by the results, we can still help. Our lap band revision to gastric sleeve procedure, for example, can be the necessary adjustment you need to renew your drive and get you back on track. All it takes is one visit for a consultation, and we’ll help you find out!

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