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The Non-Surgical Weight Loss Option

The Non-Surgical Weight Loss Option

If you need to lose a lot of weight, you might’ve considered weight loss surgery procedures like gastric sleeve. Those struggling with obesity may find themselves unhappy, unhealthy, or in pain. But not everybody feels comfortable turning to surgery. However, if traditional methods of weight loss like regular exercise and strict diet have failed you or aren’t viable options, you might be running out of choices. That’s why Beverly Hills Physicians offers an amazing non-invasive option for losing weight.

The gastric balloon procedure is changing the way people see weight loss procedures. There is no surgery involved at all. The procedure consists of a small balloon being placed within the stomach through your mouth and throat. The balloon is inflated to fill your stomach and create less room for food. Not only will you feel less inclined to continue to snack throughout the day, you’ll see incredible weight loss results over the course of six months. The bariatric specialists at Beverly Hills Physicians will guide you through the entire process so that you always feel comfortable

With offices all over Southern California, Beverly Hills Physicians makes it more convenient than ever before to find the right bariatric expert for you. Each of our facilities are filled with the latest technology, which is always evolving to make procedures quicker, safer, and more comfortable. If you have any questions or concerns about the various available procedures, we offer free consultations for all of our potential patients. To learn more about procedures like gastric balloon and sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles, call our offices today.


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