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The Major Surgical Weight Loss Options

If you’ve decided to have weight loss surgery, you might be struggling with the decision of which surgery to have. Making this choice should not be done lightly because it affects the rest of your life. The decision should be made with the assistance of a qualified surgeon with experience, skill, and knowledge of your medical history and lifestyle choices. Beverly Hills Physicians has a network of the most talented surgeons in the bariatric industry, as well as plastic surgeons, with facilities stocked with the latest technology.

Two major weight loss surgery options are Lap Band and gastric sleeve. Lap Band uses a band that is placed around the stomach to create a small pouch that will make you fill up faster while eating. People often choose this procedure because it’s less invasive and reversible. Gastric sleeve is more permanent, but also a worthy option for those who struggle with overeating. Since gastric sleeve consists of getting rid of a large portion of the stomach, it is a very serious commitment, but one that is ultimately worthwhile. A surgeon at Beverly Hills Physicians can make the decision easier.

Another option is Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve surgery, which can be done if you don’t like the results of the Lap Band procedure. Beverly Hills Physicians is the best resource for all of your weight loss needs, even after your surgical procedure is completed. And since we have offices all over Southern California, there’s no excuses not to get started. Call today to set up a free initial consultation.

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