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The Growth of Cosmetic Surgery and the Importance of Experienced Surgeons

BeverlyHills PhysiciansA recent article at The Daily News explains that, as demand for cosmetic procedures continues to grow, people need to be aware of a potential “wild west” situation in which some facilities identifying themselves as medical spas operate in an unregulated fashion with less than fully qualified medical personnel. When it comes to choosing a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, it is crucial to select only the most experienced and skilled doctors available. Indeed, considering the problems and outright disasters some patients have experienced when visiting highly unqualified providers both domestically and abroad, choosing the right surgeon is more important than ever. Indeed, one of the best things prospective patients can do is first to make sure that doctors are qualified and fully reputable, and it doesn’t hurt to view images of his or her previous procedures and determine whether the results jibe with their expectations.

At BHP, we offer the full range of plastic surgeries, and all of them require a great deal of skill and experience. Below are two examples of the kind of procedures they offer that require an extra level of skill to be performed in an optimal fashion.

  • Liposuction – Even for gym buffs, the abdominal area and other parts of the body can remain stubborn when it comes to losing unwanted fat. Liposuction has long been popular as a highly effective surgical solution for men and women who desire a slimmer, leaner body. Whether patients seek to improve their body’s appearance for the beach or in preparation for a special event, this is a procedure which requires a strong sense of aesthetics alongside a great deal of medical skill. Our team of expert surgeons is well-versed in crafting the sculpted look that many patients seek.
  • Mommy makeover – While becoming a mother is a wonderful experience for most women, the changes that occur are not always flattering. Bodily concerns such as loose skin and sagging breasts motivate many women to elect plastic surgery, the medical group explains. The mommy makeover procedure, which often combines a tummy tuck to remove loose skin and fat deposits with a breast and/or buttock lift as well as liposuction and other body contouring procedures, is geared toward women who wish to restore their pre-motherhood body. The medical group further states this is a suite of procedures that requires a surgeon who is able to carefully coordinate them, so that they all work together in harmony to create the best possible results.

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