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The Finest Team of Weight Loss Surgeons

The Finest Team of Weight Loss Surgeons

Over the past decade, various studies have been released whose data illustrates just how effective bariatric surgery really is at helping patients lose they weight they need to lose to get healthy. Obesity is regarded as the second leading cause of preventable death behind smoking, due to the fact that it can cause a variety of dangerous conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Overall, what is clear is that the benefits of weight loss surgery far outweigh any risks associated with it. Yet, it is still important to go with the very best doctors and surgeons, and there are no better surgeons than the renowned team of bariatric specialists at Beverly Hills Physicians.

The surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians are not only skilled in the operating room, but they are also highly regarded for their ability to consult with each individual patient to determine which treatment plan is best for each individual. When consulting with the doctors, many patients find that the best procedure for them may be the gastric sleeve surgery. This procedure is the fastest growing bariatric procedure, and has quickly risen to be the most popular because of its ability to help patients lose weight quicker than if they had a lap band, while having fewer complications than the gastric bypass.

This procedure is so effective that many patients who do not have as much success with their lap band as they had hoped will to the gastric sleeve with revision weight loss surgery with the talented team at Beverly Hills Physicians.

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