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The Dr. Oz Show Highlights the Effectiveness of the ORBERA Weight Loss System

As discussed on The Dr. Oz Show earlier this week, the ORBERA Intragastric Balloon is a new weight loss system for people struggling with obesity who wish to shed excess body weight, which appears to be highly effective. The show featured a woman who, despite working hard at a healthy diet and exercise routine, experienced difficulty in losing excess weight and wanted to jumpstart the weight loss process. The woman announced that, after a 6-month period following the insertion of the intragrastic balloon and maintaining a modified diet, she had lost a total of 28 pounds. For people looking to lose 20 to 50 pounds of stubborn weight, the ORBERA Instagastric Balloon is an excellent non-surgical solution that BHP is proud to offer to patients who may not be candidates for bariatric surgeries.

Here is how it works:

The procedure – The ORBERA Intragastric Balloon involves a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure in which a balloon is endoscopically inserted into the stomach through the mouth while the patient is under light sedation. Once safely inside, the balloon is then inflated to roughly the size of a grapefruit in order to partially fill the stomach capacity. This helps patients feel fuller faster than previously, helping them control their diet by reducing feelings of hunger. The system is temporary; the balloon is only intended to stay in the patient’s stomach for a six month period. On average, within a span of six months, patients who get the procedure can expect to lose between 25 and 35% of excess body weight.

After the procedure – Following the insertion of the balloon, the patient is expected to adhere to a long-term dieting and behavior modification plan as prescribed by their team of dieticians and clinical psychologists. On a regular basis, the patient will continue to meet with our team of weight loss experts to ensure continued success. After six months, the balloon will be safely removed, and the patient advised to continue following the prescribed diet plan.

We at BHP are delighted to offer a full range of weight loss procedures, including the gastric sleeve and Lap Band, as well as a number of non-surgical alternatives, including coaching. For additional information on the procedures themselves or to find out if you are candidate for a bariatric procedure, prospective patients can call to schedule a free consultation.

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