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The Beverly Hills Physicians Difference for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has produced outstanding results for countless people, but a patient’s choice of where to obtain this surgery can make a crucial difference. Beverly Hills Physicians provides access to the most outstanding bariatric (weight loss) surgeons available, while also providing comprehensive support to help patients overcome their obesity and achieve the health and happiness they deserve.

The qualified surgeons and outstanding medical staff of Beverly Hills Physicians understand that no two patients are ever completely alike. For many patients, a gastric sleeve procedure is the most effective course of action. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach by approximately 85 percent, resulting in a sleeve-like shape. A lap band surgery, on the other hand, is fully reversible and works by using a surgically implanted band to greatly reduce the stomach’s capacity. Our surgeons are incredibly skilled at performing successful weight loss procedures and have produced outstanding results for countless patients.

Still, that’s only one part of Beverly Hills Physicians’ services for weight loss patients. Dramatic weight loss sometimes produces aesthetic issues, such as sagging skin, that can be dealt with through cosmetic surgery. Beverly Hills Physicians also includes some of the finest plastic surgeons working; our gallery of impressive plastic surgery photos demonstrates the skill and artistry of these widely respected board certified specialists. We also offer support in terms of nutritional and psychological counseling to help patients make the best possible adjustment to their post-weight loss surgery body.

Finally, our staff consultants are happy to help with the details of dealing with insurance companies and, where needed, working out financial plans to make weight loss procedures and plastic surgery affordable even for people on a budget. For further information, please call 1-800-788-1416 to request a free initial consultation.

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