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The Best Treatment for Weight Loss is Found Right Here in the U.S.

While medical tourism continues to grow in popularity, the incredible medical professionals at Beverly Hills Physicians prove you don’t have to travel far for effective weight loss surgery

For some individuals struggling with obesity, the opportunity to live a healthy, contented lifestyle as soon as possible leads to decisions that may seem wise in the short term, but soon prove to have long-term consequences. One recent trend among those seeking quick weight loss through gastric sleeve with little initial investment has been to travel to foreign countries for treatment – a practice known as medical tourism. However, the informal channels of communication and scheduling between medical service providers and customers often mean that there are few regulations and little oversight to ensure competence and quality of gastric sleeve surgery. That means that in the event that an issue arises, the potential for expensive and long-term physical injury is far greater for medical tourists – a stark contrast to the impeccable medical treatments like lap band, gastric sleeve and more offered at Beverly Hills Physicians.

For those suffering from obesity or excess weight, reaching health, beauty and wellness goals may seem like a nearly impossible task. However, with the network of dedicated, board-certified medical professionals at Beverly Hills Physicians, there is new hope for the growing number of individuals who are looking for truly effective weight loss solutions. At BHP, weight loss treatments are not only exceptionally effective, but they are also among the least invasive surgical options for weight loss. In fact, for those who choose to undergo the popular lap band treatment from their surgeons, patients benefit from both their network of empathetic, knowledgeable surgeons and a surgery that is fully reversible.

By focusing on providing each patient with health and wellness solutions that allow them to enjoy a truly fulfilling lifestyle, BHP is able to treat weight loss patients using methods that have been shown to lead to lasting results. With bariatric surgery like the sleeve gastrectomy or even the fully reversible lap band procedure, patients are able to lose weight without experiencing a loss of energy or strong feelings of hunger. That’s because the procedures result in a significantly reduced stomach that fills up quickly, sending a message to the brain that it is full. Not only do these treatments limit overeating, but they also aid in cultivating healthier eating habits.

Perhaps best of all, during each step of their weight loss treatment, BHP patients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from skilled, knowledgeable surgeons, spa-like facilities and unparalleled patient services. With experienced consultants that guide each patient through their surgical experience, questions are answered, often before they even arise, regarding pre- and post-operative care as well as financing concerns.

Don’t be tempted by foreign weight loss surgery; where you go matters and BHP offers safe, effective procedures. With surgical facilities that are fully accredited by the American Association for Ambulatory Healthcare and state-of-the-art instruments, the network of medical professionals at Beverly Hills Physicians is ready and willing to assist you with truly world-class weight loss solutions.

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