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The Benefits of Vaginal Surgery

The Benefits of Vaginal Surgery

A healthy sex life is an important part of maintaining a happy and satisfying life. For women, many factors can impede your sexual fulfillment, such as aging and having a baby. Although it’s completely normal for your sexual sensations to decrease over time to some extent, it doesn’t make it any less of a burden on your self-esteem. At Beverly Hills Physicians we believe that women never have to give up hope of having an incredible sex life. Our team of skilled surgeons, doctors, and wellness experts are committed to increasing women’s sexual pleasure with vaginal surgery.

Whether it’s because of childbirth or aging, vaginal rejuvenation can reverse the laxity that causes a loss in sexual stimulation. This surgery is often used on women who have experience lack of sexual sensation or incontinence and embarrassing leakage during laughing, sneezing or bending over. Another surgery used to increase sexual satisfaction is G-Spot Magnification, a procedure which is effective in increasing stimulation.

Sexual dissatisfaction isn’t the only reason to get vaginal surgery at Beverly Hills Physicians. For some women, an enlarged labia is a concern. With labial reduction surgery, the inner and outer labia is adjusted to a normal size. The procedure will allow you to feel comfortable in form fitting pants or bathing suits, as well as decrease sexual discomfort, infection, and irritation.

Beverly Hills Physicians is the number one resource in Southern California for women who want to improve their sex life. Call today for a free consultation and one of our trained doctors can get you started right away.

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