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The Benefits of Experience

According to a recent news story, a team of surgeons and cosmetic experts gathered to see if they could reach a consensus on the steps that need to be taken to successfully complete several plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation and facelifts. Overall, the group reached a 90 percent agreement on a series of steps that each surgeon must complete for each procedure. While this relative consensus may provide a solid framework for new or future surgeons to reference and build off of as they begin in the profession, it still shows that there is a subtle but important degree of variability in how surgeons carry out procedures. This means that it is still as important as ever that patients choose a qualified surgeon who can maximize the cosmetic results of the procedure while still keeping safety a top priority. There are several things that their veteran surgeons can do to achieve this goal that may be more of a challenge for relative beginners.

  • Minimize Scarring – While most procedures require similarly sized incisions from patient to patient, where a doctor chooses to place that incision can have a tremendous impact on the visibility of the scar after the procedure. With procedures like a tummy tuck or a breast augmentation, our BHP surgeons can minimize the visibility of the scar by placing it on or near of the body’s natural curves or creases. While this is not possible with all patient types, it is a consideration that some newer surgeons might not even take the time to make.
  • Customized Results – What outside observers may forget is that cosmetic surgery is both a science and an art and, while a list of consensus steps accounts for some of the science, it still takes an experienced surgeon to provide the necessary artistic touch. Because every patient is different, procedures should be catered to each person’s individual aesthetics.
  • Manage Expectations – One of the biggest reasons why a person may not be completely satisfied with their plastic surgery results is if there was a breakdown in communication between the doctor and patient. Even if a doctor takes a by the book approach to these procedures as outlined in the consensus steps, they have to make sure that they and the patient are on the same page as to the expected results before the procedure begins. The best plastic surgeons are also skilled educators, and that’s a skill that definitely improves with time and experience.


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