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Teen Mom’s Breast Augmentation Highlights the Variety of Plastic Surgery Options Available

As was reported recently, Teen Mom star Lindsey Harrison has opted for the largest silicone breast implants available. Reports indicate that the reality TV star jumped from an A-cup to a dramatically larger size. While fans of the show might debate Ms. Harrison’s choice, it exemplifies the great many options today’s patients have at their disposal when they consult with a plastic surgeon. While Ms. Harrison chose the largest implant that her physician allowed her, our highly experienced BHP medical team provides intensive support for patients in helping them select the most appropriate breast implant to best fit their needs. Indeed, what might be a perfect fit for one patient might not necessarily be best for another, which underlines the importance of having one of our highly skilled physicians available to support patients in making the best possible choice.

Of course, the root of the ongoing popularity of breast augmentation is that everyone wants to look their best, which is why many women elect to have a breast enhancement procedure to dramatically improve the appearance, size, and shape of their breasts.  Many women simply feel their breasts are either too small and/or uneven, and today’s highly experienced plastic surgeons and medical technology can safely deliver the results that many women seek.
What’s more, for women who have concerns about sagging breasts, lifts are routinely performed together with augmentation in order to restore the balance and shape of the breasts. For others, who may have very large breasts and wish to lighten their loads, breast reduction procedures are quickly becoming a viable remedy.

In fact, a great number of men, too, are electing this last procedure in order to improve their physical appearances. Gynecomastia, a condition characterized by oversized male breasts, can make men feel self-conscious or embarrassed if they feel their body’s appearance is too feminine. Our expert team of medical professionals is exceptionally understanding of the pressures both men and women face regarding their appearance.


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