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Taking the Right Approach

There’s a right way and a wrong to do everything, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to weight loss surgery for seriously obese patients. Beverly Hills Physicians is a highly respected medical group committed to doing things the right way when it comes to caring for our patients.

Where patients go for any procedure makes a tremendous difference, and that definitely applies to a lap band, gastric sleeve or other bariatric surgery. This is a delicate operation that must be performed by a board certified surgeon of the very highest caliber. Our surgeons are among the finest working in Southern California and they have performed countless procedures. Whether patients are coming for their initial consultation or are obtaining a lap band revision to gastric sleeve, they will have the benefit of the vast skill and knowledge of one of finest physicians working anywhere.

We are also committed to providing the highest level of follow-up care. Your doctor will be monitoring your progress, of course, but that’s not all. We also provide access to outstanding nutritional and psychological counseling to help ensure that patients are adjusting to their new body following their weight loss operations. Bariatric surgery is highly effective for reducing the appetite, but patients still have to learn new eating habits in order to permanently end their struggle with obesity.

The Beverly Hills Physicians difference extends even beyond medical follow-up, to help with such matters as insurance paperwork. Where needed, our outstanding consultants will also assist by setting up financing plans to permit patients on a budget, whose coverage may not include weight loss procedures, to easily afford what may turn out to be the most positive and important medical visit of their life. It’s just a small part of our commitment to doing things the right way.

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