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Take Control with Revision Weight Loss Surgery from BHP

At Beverly Hills Physicians, our doctors and medical staff understand that the decision to obtain weight loss surgery is never one to be taken lightly. As the premier network of health professionals throughout Southern California, we have over 100 years of combined experience providing our patients with the best care, and cutting-edge technology. This commitment to best treatment has allowed us to stand ahead of the competition when performing treatments like Lap Band, gastric sleeve surgery and even revision weight loss surgery.

Our surgeons are true specialists within their respective fields, and as such, we understand that a weight loss procedure that fails to achieve the necessary results can be a frustrating and emotionally devastating experience. If there are complications during treatment, or if a patient undergoes surgery at a lesser medical facility, they may not lose the desired weight. Further still, they may suffer from symptoms that include vomiting after meals, severe acid reflux and chronic gastric pain, among others. In fact, in some cases, stomach capacity might even increase.

Like any medical procedure, one should never settle for less than the very best when it comes to revision weight loss surgery – and at BHP, our patients receive precisely that. For those who have undergone Lap Band, we can reestablish a faulty lap band, or convert the procedure into a gastric bypass. A failed gastric bypass, meanwhile, can be recreated, lengthened or resized.

Whether you’re considering treatment for the first time, or you’re looking to revise treatment undergone at a lesser facility, you can trust the team at Beverly Hilly Physicians. We’re eager to bring health, beauty and happiness into your life.

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