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Survey Comparing Reactions to Anatomical and Round Implants Highlights the Importance of Selecting the Right Plastic Surgeon

A new survey has found no significant difference in the aesthetic reactions of viewers to breast augmentation outcomes between those which used round or anatomically-shaped implants. The study indicates that both the science and art of plastic surgery now ensure that the vast majority of procedures safely produce results that look and feel extremely attractive and entirely natural. The medical group goes on to add that the most important decision a prospective breast augmentation patient needs to make is less about the shape of her implant and more about the skills and experience of her doctor. At BHP, we believe that the criteria for selecting a plastic surgeon should include:

    Outstanding medical skills: The importance of selecting a competent and experienced plastic surgeon might seem obvious, but it’s also true that not all physicians who perform breast augmentations and other procedures have the same level of skill and background in performing these procedures. The best and only way to help ensure a positive and safe outcome for a procedure is to make sure it is being performed by a highly competent and experienced physician. All of the doctors performing breast augmentations and other procedures at our Southern California offices are widely respected leaders in their field.

    Aesthetic skills: While plastic surgery is among the most technically demanding branches of modern medicine, it also requires the right kind of aesthetic touch in order to craft the most flattering results. Patients considering a procedure should take a close look at before-and-after images to see if the doctor’s past outcomes are in line with their hopes for their own outcomes.

   Communications skills:  Perhaps surprisingly to some, the best plastic surgeons also must have the ability to communicate clearly with their patients. Developing a strong rapport with a physician is always highly desirable because studies have found a strong relationship between the satisfaction level of a patient following a procedure and her having a clear understanding of the most likely outcome.

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