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Support is Helpful Before, During, and After a Major Weight Loss

Few things that are worthwhile in life are easy. That definitely applies to significant weight loss, even with the assistance of highly effective bariatric procedures such as a gastric sleeve operation. While these procedures can go a very long way towards quieting the pangs of appetite and hunger that can make long-term, significant weight loss next to impossible for many, weight loss still requires a great deal of effort. Moreover, the struggles don’t end when the weight is finally lost. At BHP, we offer a number of services aimed at helping patients through all stages of the weight loss process.

Initially, many patients seriously contemplating weight loss procedures might have a number of worries, starting with concerns regarding the safety of the surgery. That’s why it is generally best if patients have extensive discussions prior to a procedure to ensure they understand how it works. In general, bariatric procedures are among the safest of surgeries and are frequently compared to such commonplace operations as gall bladder removals. While most experts now agree that the mostly very minor risks posed by surgery are now greatly outweighed by the numerous life-threatening issues posed by severe obesity, skilled medical teams like those at Beverly Hills Physicians work to ensure that patients have a very clear idea of both the benefits and any potential risks associated with a procedure.

After the patient completes the initial recovery period following a bariatric operation, then the real work of weight loss begins. Individuals very often need help adjusting to their post-operative bodies and learning appropriate eating habits. We have been leading the way in this area by providing patients with access to nutritionists and therapeutic professionals specializing in the issues surrounding weight loss. Patients agree that therapy in particular has been very helpful both during the initial period of weight loss and also once the weight has been lost. Often, it’s a matter of managing expectations regarding life after obesity. As successful sleeve gastrectomy patient Rosie O’Donnell recently told Entertainment Weekly, “all of the stuff that you carry with you as a heavy person in the world will still be there when you’re a thin person in the world.”

Finally, in many cases, successful weight loss patients sometimes find themselves with folds of skin and other less than desirable side effects of a major weight loss. As a leading source of plastic surgery services, we can also provide weight loss patients with access to some of the finest cosmetic surgeons in Southern California. For many patients, such body contouring procedures as a tummy tuck can help them to look and feel their best, putting them in the best possible position to begin their new life as happier and healthier individuals.

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