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Stop (Okay, Slow Down) the Facial Aging Process

Let’s face it, it is impossible to run away from the fact that time is moving forward. If you fear what the aging process can do to your face, don’t fret. Botox has long been associated with middle-aged people but for some time now younger people in their 20s and 30s are increasingly getting Botox to actually prevent wrinkles and slow down signs of aging.

Botox is easily the best known of the newer procedures can that help keep the skin firm and smooth. It relaxes the muscles which smooths the skin so it looks more youthful and free of lines and creases. Better yet, by relaxing the muscles, it makes those lines and creases become less likely to emerge in the first place. It’s no wonder that the use of this amazing product has spread to younger people of all genders. If you’ve heard about “Brotox,” you know what we’re talking about. Since this is a nonsurgical procedure, it is quick and involves essentially no downtime. It can often be performed over a long lunch break.


Of course, many types of places offer Botox, but working with a plastic surgeon ensures that the procedure is performed with maximum safety and effectiveness. Over time, a skilled plastic surgeon can actually combine the use of Botox with surgical facial rejuvenation techniques to create extremely flattering outcomes. You can’t fight Father Time but sometimes you can negotiate an arrangement with him.

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