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Skincare Advice for Men and Male Plastic Surgery

According to a recent article published on Huffington Post, there are many ways men can now enjoy the benefits of a well thought-out skincare routine. This article is typical of the growing cultural trend towards taking men’s appearance as seriously as that of women. On the subject of skincare and aging, although good skincare habits can improve the texture and appearance of the skin over time, plastic surgery offers a more powerful and permanent approach to improving the appearance of men, particularly as they enter their middle and later years. Men today obtain plastic surgery for a number of reasons, including:

Reversing the ravages of aging on the skin – Men, just like women, often experience premature signs of aging related to such factors as environmental damage, genetics, and bad skincare habits. This can make many patients appear years older than they actually are and can cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance. A highly experienced plastic surgeon can safely and effectively reduce fine lines and repair the appearance of damage with a cutting-edge plastic surgery such as a facelift. Undergoing this procedure can reverse the signs of aging and help patients appear younger and more energetic. Many men who may not be considering surgery also opt for injectables, sometimes dubbed “Brotox,” to achieve similar, though shorter-lived, results.

Working on “the Windows of the Soul” – Baggy eyes caused by sagging skin can make any of us, man or woman, look far more aged and tired than we actually feel. A leading-edge procedure such as an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) removes sagging skin around the eyes as well as any unsightly discoloration and puffiness. Many of our male patients at BHP report a greater sense of self-confidence in both their personal and professional lives following a successful blepharoplasty.

Eliminate Nagging Imperfections – Men as well as women can sometimes feel self-conscious about some of their key facial features – and many of those features are as plain as the noses on their face. It’s therefore no surprise that many of our patients are opting for rhinoplasties (nose jobs). Not only do these procedures typically improve the general shape of the nose in relation to the patient’s face, because the nose typically keeps growing as we age, a smaller nose can help to subtly create a more youthful impression.


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