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Sexiness Doesn’t Have to Stop with Motherhood

With minimally-invasive gynecological treatments and a stellar Mother’s Day promotion, any woman can feel her most beautiful with Beverly Hills Physicians


Mother’s Day is an annual celebration of the women in our lives who have helped us become the people we are today. It’s also a chance for some women to take time out of their busy schedules for themselves. For mothers who want to take this time for a physical transformation—whether an aesthetic tweak or one to boost sexual pleasure like g-spot magnification—Beverly Hills Physicians offers comprehensive and compassionate care. Plus, BHP makes it easier than ever for women to take care of themselves by providing minimally invasive options for delicate procedures like labial reduction as well as by currently running cost-saving specials on the mommy makeover procedure.

The physical effects of motherhood vary depending on the woman. Over time, the vagina should return to its original tightness, especially if she keeps up with her Kegel exercises. However, if weeks after birth a woman feels like her pelvic floor isn’t the same or that childbirth has made her more self-conscious about her sexual satisfaction, then a vaginal rejuvenation should be considered. Beverly Hills Physicians offers a simple outpatient version of this procedure with a relatively short and pain-free recovery period. Through vaginal rejuvenation to restore tone, a woman can experience greater sexual gratification, increased sensation during intercourse, and a reversal of embarrassing urinary leakage issues.

Besides changes to the pelvic floor, motherhood can also affect a woman’s body in often unflattering ways. Whether it’s loose skin pooling around the stomach, flattened breasts, or premature aging of the face, these changes can have a negative influence on a woman’s self-confidence, which does not have to be the case. Beverly Hills Physicians offers a wide-range of rejuvenating plastic surgeries under the umbrella of the mommy makeover procedure that can help a woman get as close to her pre-pregnancy body as possible. A tummy tuck, breast augmentation and/or lift, liposuction, non-surgical facial injectables, and any other procedures a woman feels she needs to restore her self-confidence can all be combined into one beautifying mommy makeover operation.

Furthermore, BHP is offering a $2000 special discount on mommy makeover procedures in the month of May. It applies to regular pricing on the combination of a breast augmentation and tummy tuck for procedures booked prior to the end of May. While pricing on the mommy makeover will vary depending on the procedures chosen—saline and silicone implants, for example, have different costs, and some women might additionally choose a breast lift or liposuction—this is an incredible discount for women who want to restore or improve on the sexiness they felt before pregnancy.

For more information about this discount or any of the procedures mentioned above, visit www.BeverlyHillsPhysicians.com or call 800-788-1416 for a free consultation with a BHP consultant. Updates and specials are also regularly posted on BHP’s Facebook page, which can be found at www.facebook.com/beverlyhillsphysicians.

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