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Send Dangerous Comorbidities into Remission

Send Dangerous Comorbidities into Remission

Doctors estimate that obesity is the second leading cause of death behind smoking, due to the fact that it can cause a variety of dangerous co-morbidities like diabetes and heart disease. Not only do obese people live shorter lives on average, they also have a reduced quality of life. While many obese patients are highly aware of these facts, it can be incredibly difficult for people to stick to a diet and exercise regiment that is stringent enough for significant weight loss. Luckily, Beverly Hills Physicians provides patients with options for weight loss surgery that have been proven time and time again to help patients lose the weight and keep it off.

Not only has gastric sleeve surgery been shown to make people less likely to develop these dangerous health conditions, it can even send them into remission if people are already suffering from them before the surgery. Studies have shown that many people suffering from type 2 diabetes before the surgery are able to lose the weight and be completely clear of the disease years down the line. While this is not the case for all patients, the benefits of weight loss surgery, on average, far outweigh the risks associated with the surgery.

And, for patients who have had a lap band put in and are dismayed by the fact that they may not be losing as much weight as they would have hoped, Beverly Hills Physicians offers revision weight loss surgery to a gastric sleeve. Because the sleeve is shown to help most patients lose weight quicker than the lap band, it is a potentially life-saving option for many morbidly obese patients.

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