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See if You’re a Good Weight Loss Surgery Candidate with BHP

Beverly Hills Physicians offers an absolutely free consultation for those who are considering a weight loss surgery. During this meeting, a consultant and doctor will run through your options, including the lap band and gastric sleeve surgery, and help process your insurance information. Your qualifications for weight loss surgery will be discussed; generally, this requires measuring your BMI as well as seeing if you suffer from any obesity comorbidities like diabetes, heart disease, chronic back pain, asthma, and related conditions. Then, once it is deemed medically sound to pursue a bariatric procedure, one will be scheduled. The BHP team will be by your side the whole time, from the weeks leading up to your surgery to entirety of your recovery and successful weight loss.

In a few cases, a BHP doctor might not recommend a bariatric procedure for person who comes in for a weight loss consultation. Quite frankly, many patients might not even be truly obese but might believe that they are. Instead, a simple body contouring procedure like liposuction with fat transfer might actually help the patient achieve the shape that they were hoping to achieve through weight loss. A perk of working with Beverly Hills Physicians is that their doctors come from a diverse range of fields, including plastic and cosmetic surgeons. If your weight loss surgery consultation turns into a discussion about body contouring, then it is absolutely no problem to bring in an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

In fact, the impressive results of liposuction can clearly be seen in BHP’s impressive gallery of plastic surgery before and after photos. It can even be sorted by physician so that you can check out a doctor’s full portfolio of work when it comes to a certain procedure.

For more information, call Beverly Hills Physicians at 1-800-788-1416.

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