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Secondary Weight Loss Procedure Are Effective at BHP

While you may be apprehensive about having another weight loss surgery, especially trying all sorts of other weight loss tactics that haven’t delivered, you’re not alone. You may have secondary weight loss surgeries such as lap band revision to gastric sleeve, which could give you the mistaken impression that nobody is ever successful in their first weight loss surgery. However, the team of Beverly Hills Physicians board-certified bariatric surgeons urges prospective patients to consider how a procedure like gastric sleeve survey can help them. Hundreds of BHP patients successfully lost weight with gastric sleeve at BHP, and hundreds of thousands have had the procedure worldwide. Through counseling with BHP, you’ll be able to learn more about what the surgery entails, and remember, no patient is approved who is deemed ineligible or unable to successfully lose the weight.

Even if you are more than 150 pounds overweight, we understand that while you’re likely nervous about bariatric surgery, especially if it’s a secondary procedure, we can help you get your weight under control. At BHP, we take patient education seriously, so you can get through the process as easily as you can, without the unnecessary headaches such as dealing with your health insurance — leave it all to the BHP staff. Of course, when it comes to weight loss, though, you’ll have plenty of your own work to do. You’ll be helped every step of the way, however, and we also recommend you hire a psychologist to deal with your private battle against food, as well as attend support group meetings. While you may feel you don’t need the support, BHP urges patients who are getting weight loss surgery (especially conversion procedures) to take every step to success they can.

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