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Runners Stand to Benefit from Podiatry Solutions at BHP

Runners Stand to Benefit from Podiatry Solutions at BHP

For runner in Los Angeles, it can be particularly enjoyable to live in a climate where running outdoors is almost always possible, except for the rare rainy day or a day when it’s too hot. However, a runner may also have problems others wouldn’t have to endure, such as faulty knees or painful feet. For these and other foot pain problems, Beverly Hills Physicians can take care of elite athletes and more sedentary adults, as well. Whether that entails bunion surgery for foot pain or Achilles tendon surgery, no patient can do better than Beverly Hills Physicians when it comes to finding a competent podiatrist in Los Angeles.

Obviously, problems such as Achilles tendon rupture, ankle fractures, bunions and foot pain with an unknown cause are ailments that need urgent treatment from an expert doctor such as those found at BHPO. However, other problems that are more cosmetic in nature may also be worthy of addressing if the visual of uneven toes is distressing to a person. For this, BHP offers cosmetic toe shortening, a surgery that can improve the appearance of the feet — a body part that often is on display in the warm Southern California weather!

Whether you have easily remedied problems that respond well to nonsurgical treatment or you need an operation to fix an issue with your lower extremities, you can rely on Beverly Hills Physicians’ team of highly-trained, board-certified surgeons. You will be welcome to a friendly, spa-like atmosphere in our numerous Southern California locations.

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