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Runners Should Race to Beverly Hills Physicians for Exceptional Podiatry

Last weekend, thousands of runners around the globe enjoyed a warm, beautiful Sunday by taking part in the L.A. Marathon. Successfully finishing a marathon is a fantastic achievement that requires a great deal of training – and the sort of first rate medical treatment found at Beverly Hills Physicians. At BHP, patients will find the podiatrist Los Angeles residents trust to ensure their feet are healthy enough to thrive while handling a variety of tasks. When performing foot treatments like bunion surgery, plastic surgery or various other health, beauty and wellness treatments, BHP specialists bring over 100 years of invaluable experience. That’s why, when runners are in need of effective treatment for athlete’s foot or complex Achilles tendon surgery, they can do no better than Beverly Hills Physicians.

If you missed last Sunday’s L.A. Marathon, there’s no reason to sweat it – from this Saturday’s breathtaking Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon to the desert-laden Wild Wild West Marathon and 50K in Lone Pine, CA, there are more than 30 California marathons between now through May. While running a marathon, half-marathon, 10 or 5K is a fantastic way to enjoy health and beauty throughout life, an ailment to one’s feet can pose a severe issue to individuals who want to participate in the fun and competition of a foot race. Fortunately, Southern California residents can always rely on the dedicated BHP specialists to provide exceptional treatment to those suffering from issues like Achilles tendon rupture, ankle injuries, bunions, corns and calluses, flat feet and much more.

At BHP, podiatrists utilize cutting-edge medical technology to treat each patient’s specific needs. In some cases, patients may walk across a plate that’s connected to a computer that “reads” their feet. By picking up pressure points and weight distribution, the machine allows medical experts to diagnose the patient’s malady, and figure out what they need most.

For some diagnoses, the solution may be as simple as wearing a different pair of running shoes, while other issues, like Achilles tendon rupture, may require substantial medical treatment, including surgery. The Achilles tendon is the strong, fibrous cord that connects the muscles in the back of the calf to the heel bone, and a rupture to the tendon occurs when the tendon is overstretched and tears completely or partially. Because of the inherent intricacy of Achilles tendon rupture surgery, a patient should never settle for less than the best medical care provided at BHP.

The team at Beverly Hills Physicians consists of highly-trained, board-certified surgeons who treat patients in luxurious, spa-like facilities, with unparalleled patient services. Through every step of the process, patients are met with a dedicated, empathetic staff that is willing to offer guidance and support. Before long, each podiatry patient finds themselves stepping out of their BHP facility, and ready to take many more steps forward with comfortable, healthy feet. For further information about Achilles tendon surgery and the other treatments offered at Beverly Hills Physicians, call 800-788-1416 or complete a consultation form at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com today.

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