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Royal Revelations


It was recently revealed that Sarah Ferguson, aka the Duchess of York, has publicly discussed getting Botox and a number of other procedures both in the past and more recently while she was preparing for her 60th birthday. The woman whom the English press had once dubbed “Fergie” opened up to provide detail on some rumored treatments and discussed how she is increasingly using nonsurgical procedures that are very minimally invasive.

Noninvasive cosmetic treatments like those the Duchess favors are on the rise. Among individuals of all walks of life – apparently including royals – these procedures will continue to gain ground as people seek to stay relevant in their career and personal endeavors.

Most people now are highly aware that cosmetic work is not reserved for Hollywood elites or ultra-wealthy “real housewives.” Just like celebrities, everyday individuals have insecurities and aspects of their appearance that they would like to enhance or lessen, perhaps to deal with issues like ageism on the career market. It’s clear that, from royalty to rock stars to teachers and CPAs, aging is inescapable. With the advancement of beauty technology, quick and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox and other injectables are increasingly popular among individuals of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and social groups.

The idea of having surgery can be worrisome for many people. Some individuals may be concerned about scarring or the time required for recovery afterward. While skilled plastic surgeons can minimize scarring and reduce recovery times, today’s array of noninvasive beauty procedures provide a range of alternatives. Enhancing one’s appearance with nonsurgical work like Botox and facial fillers on an ongoing basis is almost as easing as visiting the hairstylist or cosmetologist on a regular basis.Especially in a beauty-obsessed city such as Los Angeles where every field is severely competitive, the confidence of looking one’s best can make a big difference.

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