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Rhinoplasty Demands an Experienced Touch

Rhinoplasty Demands an Experienced Touch

A nose job, also called rhinoplasty, is one of the most commonly discussed plastic surgeries. Perhaps this is because it’s one of the hardest procedures to dismiss or hide or because so many celebrities have been open about their nose jobs. Nonetheless, just because hearing about rhinoplasty might feel commonplace doesn’t mean that the decision to get a nose job should be taken lightly.

Beverly Hills Physicians represents a large group of medical experts in Southern California, with doctors from diverse fields spanning plastic surgery and podiatry to bariatric specialists adept at procedures like the lap band and gastric sleeve surgery. As part of BHP’s goal to spread awareness about plastic surgery and health, the medical network wants readers to know that the nose is one of the most delicate and complex areas of the body. As such, any type of nose surgery—cosmetic, revision, or medically required—needs the skilled hands of a talented and experienced surgeon like those employed at Beverly Hills Physicians. A rhinoplasty can drastically reshape the face for the better, restoring an individual’s self-confidence and sense of beauty.

The doctors of BHP are also experienced at correcting work performed elsewhere. Known as revision plastic surgery, repairing or improving an unsatisfactory procedure (most commonly a rhinoplasty or breast augmentation) requires even more expertise than a first-time operation. In the case of a rhinoplasty, for instance, there is often less skin and cartilage with which to reform or reshape the nose into its desired shape. It’s truly important, then, that anybody seeking a difficult surgery like a revision rhinoplasty comes to Beverly Hills Physicians, where a true master of the nose job can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired.

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