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Revision Weight Loss Surgery Requires the Precision of a BHP Surgeon

At Beverly Hills Physicians, you’ll find a medical team with the skill and experience necessary to perform a successful revision bariatric procedure.

As the rate of obesity rises across the globe, so too does the number of people undergoing revision weight loss surgery from the medical specialists at Beverly Hills Physicians. It’s no coincidence that individuals seeking surgeries like conversion to gastric sleeve in Irvine and a number of other Southern California regions have all come to recognize that revision treatment from the medical team at BHP leads to healthy, sustainable weight loss. When seeking a revision to sleeve gastrectomy, Los Angeles-based BHP will provide you with a surgeon that offers the utmost in skill and the meticulous surgical precision that is necessary in performing a delicate revision procedure.

A study on bariatric surgery, reported on in ScienceDaily, found that revisional bariatric surgery is associated with a higher risk of complications than the initial procedure. The authors of the study conclude that improvements in techniques and instrumentation in the surgical field, as well as a growing need for bariatric surgery to fight obesity among patients, will likely lead to an increased need for revisional treatment.

However, the researchers remain optimistic that “new concepts and improved techniques by well-trained surgeons in properly organized institutions” can make a substantial difference in the success of notoriously complex revision weight loss surgeries. Fortunately, at Beverly Hills Physicians, patients can find precisely that – a network of highly-qualified, board certified surgeons that are experienced and skilled at treating patients with the latest state-of-the-art technological advancements.

Due to the delicate and complex nature of the procedure, in which the faulty results of a previous bariatric treatment is rectified, there are a number of reasons why a weight loss treatment might fail. Yet, no matter what the cause may be, the result can be emotional and frustrating for patients that have suffered through the challenges brought about by obesity and excess weight. When the stakes are so high, it only makes sense that one should always trust their revision weight loss surgery to the highly-skilled and celebrated BHP surgeons like Dr. Misra.

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