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Revision Weight Loss Surgery Offers a Second Chance at a New Life

Bariatric patients find the results they’ve been hoping for through revision surgery from the expert team at Beverly Hills Physicians

Every year, more people are coming to learn of the incredible benefits of weight loss surgery in Valencia, Pasadena and across Southern California at Beverly Hills Physicians. However, as the number of bariatric treatments increase, so too does the need for revision weight loss surgery to reverse unsatisfying results. A revision procedure is certainly one of the most challenging of weight loss procedures, requiring the very highest level of meticulous precision and surgical expertise. Fortunately, the incomparable team at BHP brings the same world-class skill and experience to surgeries like lap band revision to gastric sleeve that the medical group brings to all health, beauty, and wellness procedures.

While the effects of bariatric procedures have altered countless lives for the better, it’s nevertheless true that there is no “magic bullet” for weight loss. However, while losing weight can pose significant challenges, it doesn’t have to be a burden that negatively intervenes in your daily life. In fact, thanks to the remarkably effective weight loss treatments offered at BHP, you can lose weight in a manner that is safe, fast and long-lasting – all without suffering from a lack of energy or the constant feelings of hunger that plague people who attempt to lose large amounts of weight through diet and exercise alone. Even so, not all surgeries provide the full impact of weight surgery on the first try.

When a BHP patient undergoes weight loss treatment, they can expect the highest caliber care, and stunning results. However, for those that may have received weight loss surgery from a lesser medical team, the effects of treatment are not always so impressive. In fact, in some cases, patients may find that the procedure did not lead to the desired results, or worse, they may have produced health complications. In these cases, a patient might very well elect to receive revision weight loss surgery.

In other cases, surgeries sometimes may not provide the desired results even when the very best of care is provided. For example, the lap band is a popular weight loss treatment due to its less-invasive, reversible nature. However, it is sometimes less than ideal for some people. In these cases, a lap band revision to gastric sleeve surgery might be performed.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, their network of leading board certified bariatric surgeons has helped countless patients through the lap band to gastric sleeve revision process, and numerous other types of revisions as well. In fact, the BHP team brings over 100 years of combined experience to each patient – a fact that can prove particularly comforting to those that have suffered the frustration that comes from a less-than-satisfactory weight loss treatment. 

If you’re interested in learning more about revision weight loss and many other life-changing health, beauty and wellness solutions available at Beverly Hills Physicians, check for updates on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/beverlyhillsphysicians. Directions and further inquiries can also be made by calling 800-788-1416.

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