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Revision Weight Loss Surgery at BHP Makes all the Difference

At Beverly Hills Physicians, you’ll find one of the largest networks of health providers in the U.S. Though we’re known for specializing in plastic surgery, our team – including a number of board-certified specialists – also provides life-saving treatment for those in need of various health procedures, including weight loss surgery.

Suffering from excess weight or obesity can serve to reduce the quality and length of one’s life. That’s why bariatric treatment like Lap Band or gastric sleeve surgery is so essential. With a gastric sleeve (or sleeve gastrectomy) procedure performed at BHP, roughly 85% of the stomach is removed, with the remainder sewn into a sleeve-like shape.

The goal of the treatment is to significantly limit the number of calories a person can ingest. Perhaps best of all, though, the treatment decreases the feelings of hunger that can lead to harmful overeating in the first place. The result is a surgery that leads to rapid, safe weight loss, all while the patient feels comfortable, energized and eager to embrace life.

In some cases, a patient will come to BHP after always undergoing an unsuccessful weight loss treatment at a lesser facility. In these cases, there’s no reason to worry – we offer revision weight loss surgery that can boost your health and confidence in truly remarkable ways. We understand that receiving any surgical treatment is a major undertaking, so our empathetic, skilled team does all that we can to make sure you leave looking great, and feeling ready to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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