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Revision Rhinoplasty: Get a Fresh Start with Beverly Hills Physicians

A nose job gone wrong can be a serious problem, but an outstanding plastic surgeon can get you the nose you want and may often need

It’s always a huge disappointment when plastic surgery fails to achieve the desired results. The outstanding plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians know that unsuccessful nose jobs – doctors prefer to call it rhinoplasty – can be even worse than some other surgeries. The nose is obviously much more than a big bump on the front of our face, it’s also crucial for breathing as well as an important sensory organ. It’s no wonder, then, that revision rhinoplasty requires an even higher measure of skill than the initial operation. Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to offer the services of some of the finest practitioners in Southern California.

Next to breast augmentation, rhinoplasty is the most popular of all plastic surgeries. Since our nose sits in the middle of our face, its shape and size impacts the way we see all of facial features and our face as a whole. At the same time there are medical conditions, including deviated septums, which make rhinoplasty medically necessary as well as cosmetically desirable. Whatever the reason a person is getting rhinoplasty, expectations are going to be high prior to the operation. So, when the nose turns out to be less attractive than expected, disappointment and embarrassment are all but certain. If the aesthetic issues are accompanied by problems with smelling or breathing, then the issue is obviously all the more urgent. It should be noted that, thanks to recent advances in rhinoplasty, these kinds of problems are becoming more and more unusual, but that’s cold comfort if you happen to be one of the unfortunate few dealing with a failed rhinoplasty.

Where you go for medical care matters a great deal, and there’s every reason to expect an outstanding result when you turn to Beverly Hills Physicians for rhinoplasty revision surgery. The outstanding doctors in this medical network all have experience in reversing surgical errors and cosmetic mishaps. They also have the sculptural sense of a true artist in terms of creating a nose that will flatter the patient’s face while also being fully functional.

In fact, the entire medical and office staff at Beverly Hills Physicians is committed to doing the best possible work on behalf of their patients. Whatever related issues may come up, staff members are ready and able to help, including with financial problems. The Beverly Hills Physicians staff believes that no one should have to go without a surgery they need or desire because of cost, so we do our best to work out payment plans whenever necessary. Depending on whether the surgery is purely cosmetic in nature or was medically necessary, rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty may or may not be covered by insurance. In any case, many patients are surprised to find that the cost of surgery is lower than they anticipated even when it is not covered by a health plan.

The entire medical staff of Beverly Hills Physicians is among the finest in all of the greater Los Angeles area, a true feat considering that L.A. plays host to more plastic surgeons than probably any other city on earth. To learn how these world class medical professionals can become your restorative plastic surgery team, please request a free initial consultation. Call 800-788-1416 or visit www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com

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