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Restoring Beauty, One Procedure at a Time

Restoring Beauty, One Procedure at a Time

When many people think of plastic surgery, they envision people getting procedures to completely change the way they look. Yet, the true art of cosmetic surgery is in performing a procedure to make people look like a natural, more youthful version of themselves. This is especially true when it comes to the range of mommy makeover procedures performed by the surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians (BHP). BHP is one of the area’s finest and most trusted providers of all types of cosmetic procedures, with many board-certified surgeons practicing the most cutting-edge techniques.

As it has been for years, breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures at BHP and in centers around the country. It is often part of mommy makeover packages, meant to remedy the sagging that comes along with breast-feeding. Yet, it is an equally popular procedure for mothers and non-mothers alike. The tummy tuck procedure is another example or one that is loved by all people who are dealing with excess skin around the midsection. Because pregnancy involves a rapidly expanding and contracting belly, loose skin can often be an issue. Yet, both men and women can accumulate loose skin in a variety of ways. Many tummy tuck patients are people who have recently lost a lot of weight at a rapid rate, especially those who have recently had bariatric surgery. This stubborn, loose skin can be extremely difficult to manage, and often will never go away on its own. Thankfully, the talented surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians can help.

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