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Research on the Importance of Follow-Up Care for Weight Loss Surgeries Underlines the Benefits of Selecting the Right Medical Provider

According to a recent article on UPI Health News, patients who received regular follow-up visits with a physician following a weight loss surgery experienced better results in terms of rates of remission of type 2 diabetes, as well as improvements in terms of blood pressure and cholesterol readings. This study jibes with the company’s own commitment to providing ongoing high-quality care for its weight loss patients. They add that, aside from the improved outcomes noted in the study, patients receive a number of other added benefits when they maintain a relationship with their weight loss health care provider. These include:

Emotional and Psychological Support – While weight loss surgery makes defeating severe obesity a great deal less difficult, it is by no means “the easy way out”; it still requires a major and permanent change in the patient’s relationship with food. Since nearly all of the reasons we overeat involve our mental and emotional state, the support of a licensed clinical psychologist can be extremely useful to patients both before and after a bariatric surgery. Having the support of a skilled therapist can help patients successfully overcome the most daunting hurdles that are involved with permanent weight loss.


Nutritional Expertise – Because a weight loss surgery such as a sleeve gastrectomy or Lap Band requires the patient to significantly reduce his or her intake of food in order to be successful, it’s therefore very important to ensure that the patient is still obtaining all of the important nutrients they need to ensure good health. Among the many types of support that can be offered by a skilled dietitian who understands the special needs of weight loss patients, is counseling on the right kind of diet plan and, when needed, advice on nutritional supplementation.

Body Contouring – Weight loss patients are, naturally, delighted when they achieve their goal weight. However, they also note that patients are often a lot less thrilled with the folds of loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat that may accompany a major weight loss. These folds, which in some cases can be uncomfortable as well as unsightly, may be handled by a skilled plastic surgeon with such popular body contouring techniques as a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin, often accompanied by liposuction.

Of course, the most important thing is to simply have the help of a truly qualified bariatric surgeon and, if needed, a plastic surgeon as well. You need true expertise to obtain the best possible weight loss results.

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